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Work From Home Support

 With the Corona-virus we are getting a number of calls from Work-From-Home businesses & employees for help with phone and computer integration with their parent company. We have many years of experience with such capabilities and use them ourselves daily. VPNs, VOIP, Cell phone / PBX integration, remote video conferencing, remote security cameras, remote building control / monitoring, remote machine monitoring, remote gate controls, kiosks, remote PA systems, conference room setup and design, door phones, door cameras, remote release door locks, groupware, file-sharing, email alerts, text message alerts, call desk support, automated phone routing, Stanley door automation, Delayed Egress Door locks, "Release All Door" requirements ..... you get the point. We are here to support. Give us a call 989 843 0092 or backoffice@Tek4UFAST.com

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Within the first days of the COVID outbreak we received a call to help spin up to get ten (10) machines built/rebuilt for N95 Mask production in ten(10) days .... an incredible pace.  Working around the clock. UPDATE: MISSION COMPLETE!

We are very humbled to support the country, as a former U.S. Marine, I understand the need to be ALL-IN to support those on the front lines!




William Robinson, CEO


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Security Camera Systems

Commercial, Residential, Indoor, Outdoor, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), Hidden ... Over 20 Years Installation and Customization Experience. View Remote Through the Internet on your Cell Phone. Motion Detection and Alerts. Point-Of-Sale Integration with Custom On-Screen-Displays (OSD). Video Feed with Custom On-Screen-Display for Process Monitoring in Factories or Laboratory. Professional, Experienced, Dedicated Technicians Providing High Quality Fast Service. Call for a FREE ESTIMATE.

We provide services for many Assisted Living Facilities, many schools, banks, gas stations, homeowners, and factories/industrial sites. We integrate the camera systems with the phone system and building Access Control Systems.

Face recognition, license plate capture, email / text message alerts. Kiosk environment where photo stored during truck scale weigh in (for example).

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Cable installation for network, phone, camera, CATV, Access Controls and all other types of data transmission.  Fiber, trenching, pole-to-pole, in-the-walls, overhead, new-construction, remodeling ..... we do it.

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Access Controls

Installation and configuration of keypads, badge readers, gate controls, and other access control units. We design / install systems that function through the internet, opening/closing gates and doors and tracking building entry through the internet. Systems integrated with VOIP phone and camera systems. One stop for you business backbone infrastructure.


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Telephony / Paging

We have been involved with VOIP telephony since its beginnings. We build / install / host / repair & custom program systems. We connect VOIP Trunks to existing (old fashion) telephone systems to get you the low cost monthly service VOIP is known for. We customize VOIP systems for extreme business needs (especially Remote Workers / Work From Home / Employee Cell Phone Integration / Machine Notifications via Phone Systems / Building & Gate Controls via Phone System).

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Hosting Services

Provide hosting services for web, VOIP, Email, E commerce, SEO, Custom Order Processing Sites, Odoo, EDI, and ERP applications.